Boho Park (Trailer)

For your eyes only (as of now)

Dear Readers,

Here is a trailer I made using the AI art generator Playground AI, a bit of photo editing on Photopea, and Canva’s video editor. The debate around AI is all-consuming these days, and as a one-time fine arts aspirant (for like a couple of weeks) back in my juvenile days, it is quite jarring to see the ease at which Skynet conjures up palettes, that take years to technically master as a human.

Still, it enables some really cool things to do. Y’all should give it a go.

What started out as an idea for an IG Reel to promote my story became a full project by itself. Kinda.

The background track is Honeysuckle Rose by Boris Vian.

Anyway, enjoy!

Boho Park coming out this weekend.

Sabyasachi Saikia